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Crystal Infinity Mother's Bracelet, with Birthstone Accents

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Crystal Infinity Bracelet

If you LOVE Swarovski crystals then our Crystal Infinity Name Bracelet was created with you in mind. Lots of shimmer and sparkle on this beautifully designed bracelet. This name bracelet is perfect for girly-girl of all ages ~ as a Mother's bracelet, a Grandmother's bracelet , or as a Girl's bracelet. Choose the birthstones of your children and grandchildren to accent their names. Or choose your favorite color crystal (shown here in the 3-strand version ~ custom made for a client). How about the dramatic statement of black crystal against sterling silver? Very chic!! Your bracelet ~ personalized and uniquely yours!!


Size in inches

Measure your wrist size with a tape measure. Do not add to this measurement. We will add the appropriate length to finish the bracelet.


Enter 1st Strand Name Choice:

Crystal Color for Name 1

Enter 2nd Strand Name Choice:

Choose 2 Strands under "Strands" above.

Crystal Color for Name 2

Enter 3rd Strand Name Choice:

Choose 3 Strands under "Strands" above.

Crystal Color for Name 3

Enter 4th Strand Name Choice:

Choose 4 Strands under "Strands" above.

Crystal Color for Name 4

Add a Charm
Add a Second Charm

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Special Instructions:


Keep your silver jewelry sparkling with the best polishing cloth I have found! Large 5" x 8".

Add Polishing Cloth

Choose this black bracelet gift box.


3 strands of Light Amethyst with Sliding Tube Clasp.


A popular choice: 2 strands of Jet Black with Simple Heart Toggle.


1 strand.